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Here at Spontaneous Creations Theater Program we strive to introduce children to the joys of working in a collabrative fashion.

We believe that theater and other creative arts are an essential piece of building healthy minds, hearts and communities. Through theater arts programs, children have the opportunity to explore themselves and their own boundaries and to explore characteristics and emotions that are different from their own. They get to become part of a group of their peers and instructors who are all working together to achieve a common goal. In our program we strive to be certain that each and every child is respected as an artist and community member, that each voice is heard and that each person feel a sense of belonging in the group and ownership of the show.  We believe that if you create a harmonious and joyful environment that the show produced will be an amazing experience for all involved. 

Spontaneous Creations Theater Program is an opportunity for children  to utilize and enhance their singing, dancing and acting skills. We really encourage all of the children to express their thoughts and opinions about the show and incorporate as many of their ideas as possible. Our focus is always on the experience of each child, everyone comes into a theater program with unique talents and insights to offer to the group and we believe that giving children the chance to express themselves will create a magic that will be memorable for all. In our program children will:


*Act, sing and dance in a  musical


*Help to design and create the sets and props


*Help to design the overall look of the costuming


*Engage in instructional theater activities


*Have a blast with cast bonding games

Our experience with children tells us that when you create an environment that is structured, respectful, joyful and patient children will thrive. They already have tremendous creativity and just need space and time in their lives to nurture it. . We pride ourselves on giving the children the richest and most fun experience that they can have as they explore the magical world of musical theater!

Now let’s get on with the show!